Worn In Red In the Offing

Richmond, VA is no stranger to hardcore, as the metropolis has cranked out numerous acts, such as Avail, Strike Anywhere and Municipal Waste, just to name a few. And with their debut, Worn In Red are climbing the ranks of their hometown predecessors. Playing an offbeat brand of hardcore that features broad influences from the likes of Coalesce, At the Drive-In and the Bronx, Worn In Red apply droning guitars and guttural screams to a punishing backbeat that's laden with spastic time changes. Not afraid to show off their chops, "When People Have Something to Say" demonstrates the dual guitar play with impressive octave work, where "Piled like Bricks" brandishes some serious drum techniques, and is rounded out by a crushing crescendo. In the Offing is as aggressive as it is mesmerizing, and you can be assured that only bigger things are to come from these Virginians. (No Idea)