Wordsmiths Classic Composure

The Wordsmiths are a Gap commercial waiting to happen. Or, as Eternal says on their debut album’s title track, "The Wordsmiths: five guys and four cities, three accents and two skin colours; one love for hip-hop.” In fact, none of the members of this collaborative effort have met, with the exception of Madison and Eternal, who both hail from Harlem, NY. And Classic Composure succeeds thanks to the various influences resulting from this unique recording situation. Agent Orange and Eternal have produced some inspired beats that get mellow ("Stream of Consciousness”), banging ("Classic Composure”) and even experimental ("Clown You”). Lyrically, the Wordsmiths are heavy on concepts, dropping "Gangsta Fairytale”-esque bedtime stories ("Storytime”), westerns ("Westward Ho”), and b-boy sci-fi ("Artificial Intelligence”). It’s even possible to appreciate the concepts of "Pimpin Aint Easy,” "Cotton Club” and "Sounds & Words” despite uninteresting beats. And, while everyone has their moments on the mic, it’s probably Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Joc who stands out most with his sense of humour and unconventional Canadian rhyme flow. Although I’m unable to identify the mysterious fifth member mentioned in the above quote, the Wordsmiths still impress first time out with Classic Composure. (Independent)