Wordburglar The Wordburglar Vinyl EP

He burgles words! Running on stage dressed like the Hamburglar and gripping a mic in his hand as his means to steal your attention, many have witnessed the hyperactive antics of Wordburglar first hand. Now there’s finally phonographic evidence of this cat’s skill of blending clever wordplay with some pretty serious beats, and though only a few tracks deep, this EP is an impressive jump out of the gate. With Beatmason delivering the more aggressive cuts and Fresh Kils providing slower rides, Wordburglar can switch his mode to accommodate whatever’s thrown at him, and he truly is comedic with his punch line verses. Pigeon John drops by for a celebrity cameo of sorts and the two effortlessly go toe-to-toe on "Breeze,” but a Quannum appearance can’t upstage heat such as the killer "Slobberknocker,” which is the clear winner for its neck-snapping beats and overall hip-hop assault. This preview of Wordburglar’s talent will make you take notice, and though sometimes his flow can be a little too in-your-face, there’s no denying that his creativity could reward him with some well-deserved attention. (Hand Solo)