The Woolen Men The Woolen Men

The Woolen MenThe Woolen Men
The Woolen Men play lo-fi, DIY rock'n'roll in the tradition of fellow Portland groups like the Wipers or 2003-era Thermals, combined with the '60s pop sensibilities of Woodsist labelmates White Fence and Vivian Girls. As is often the case with Portland, OR punk musicians, the Woolen Men emphasize work ethic and tradition over trendiness and popularity. The end result of this committed attitude is a fittingly solid debut album. The ten raw and carelessly endearing tracks feel oddly cathartic and refreshing, in an often pitilessly, anxious world more concerned with who tripped up the stairs at the Oscars. (The Woolen Men likely don't know, or care about, the answer.) Without the distractions of such trivial matters, the Woolen Men have produced a steadfast, consistent collection of good rock'n'roll tunes. Energetic single "Head on the Ground" contains an instantly catchy hook that sounds like it came straight out of the Nuggets compilation. While there's little to criticize about the unwavering punk rock and lo-fi production of The Woolen Men, it can only be praised so much. They may not be terribly original, but it's good to know that groups like the Woolen Men still exist and will continue to as differing musical and cultural trends come and go. (Woodsist)