Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concerts Set For New York and Berlin

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concerts Set For New York and Berlin
For better or worse, organizers are reportedly preparing a 40th anniversary edition of the inaugural Woodstock festival and this year will hold a pair of free two-day shows in both New York and Berlin, Germany. According to promoter Michael Lang, the New York event will take place exactly on the 40th anniversary, August 15 to 16, while the Berlin event will go down August 22 to 23, the Rock Radio reports.

No bands have been confirmed yet for either festival, but Lang reportedly hopes to enlist some of the original Woodstock '69 performers for the concerts, such as the Who, Santana, the Grateful Dead and others. And while no venue has been announced for the New York shows, Berlin's Tempelhof airport is to hold the Berlin festival.

Strangely enough, though, the now-decommissioned German airport was a product of the Nazi era, and as the Austrian Times reports, this hasn't sat well with some music fans.

"This airport was one of the Nazis' strongholds," the newspaper quotes one fan as saying. "There's not much peace and love to be found there."

The official Woodstock website is currently "under construction" but is supposedly to be relaunched and provide more information about the 40th anniversary shows soon.

Lang is credited as being a co-creator of the original Woodstock festival and also helped produced both Woodstock '94 and the Woodstock '99, the latter of which met with widespread violence and looting and commonly seen as a disaster.