Woodhands vs. Steamwhistle (Preview!)

Woodhands vs. Steamwhistle (Preview!)
So the Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto has these rad indie music nights called Unsigned. They have rad bands from the city play, and they give everyone a bunch of drink tickets (rad!), and people dance and have a great time. Woodhands, who are now some insanely-popular super-duo (and deservedly so!) played the first one, and have DJ-ed every one since. So when the opportunity arose to muck around at the Steamwhistle Brewery, there was no better choice of dudes to muck with.

BUT THAT'S ALL YOU GET TO HEAR FOR NOW. Over the course of a night at the brewery (Steamwhistle people are insanely accommodating), we shot a whole mess of insanely funny shit. So much so that previewing it seemed like a good idea. Like, it's really going to be the best thing ever. You'll laugh, but you'll also learn. About beer. Which is awesome.

And for anyone in Toronto, the next Unsigned happens tonight. Friday. Lots of notice, eh? Woodhands will be MIA, since they're in China and all, but it should still be an awesome time. And seriously, if there's a nicer microbrewery in this city, we haven't hung out with them.

But we would. Call us. With beer.

Woodhands "Can't See Straight"