Wooden Wand Returns with Death Seat This Fall

Wooden Wand Returns with <i>Death Seat</i> This Fall
James Jackson Toth has been recording albums under various monikers for the last decade, most famously as Wooden Wand. Around the same time that everyone forgot about the "freak folk" genre, Toth briefly retired Wooden Wand and released 2008's Waiting in Vain under his name. Since then, he has returned to his original moniker and more recently, announced a new full-length.

Death Seat is the name of the new album, and it's Wooden Wand's first for Young God Records (the label owned by Swans/Angels of Light frontman Michael Gira). The 12-song LP was announced with a colourful press release from Gira, who writes, "Last time I talked to James, he was laying floors down in Murfreesboro, TN. He is not a hipster, that is for sure, and God bless him. The songs are literate, and there's a painful irony in some of them, but the level of commitment and sweet passion is rare, and born of hard earned experience."

Young God will release Death Seat on October 26. Brief samples of the album can be streamed here.

Death Seat:

1. "Sleepwalking After Midnight"
2. "The Mountain"
3. "Servant To Blues"
4. "Bobby"
5. "I Made You"
6. "Death Seat"
7. "I Wanna Make A Difference"
8. "Ms Mowse"
9. "Until Wrong Looks Right"
10. "Hotel Bar"
11. "The Arc"
12. "Tiny Confessions"