Wooden Shjips "Everybody Knows" (video)

Wooden Shjips 'Everybody Knows' (video)
Despite its grounded album title, Wooden Shjips got spacey again this year on their Back to Land. A more down-to-earth spirit journey is presented, however, in the equine-minded video clip for "Everybody Knows."

A few figures factor into the hazy video clip, including a series of masked maidens grooving it up at a foggy forest dance party, but the stars of the show are a young woman and her beautiful black and white horse. While early on we see the pair nuzzling each other on a branch-strewn path, the relationship truly hits its stride when they team up for a run on the beach.

You'll find the pair's outdoors adventure in the player down below.

As for Wooden Shjips, the crew will head out on the road for a West Coast tour early next year, stopping at Vancouver's Electric Owl venue on January 18. Sadly, we imagine you'll have to leave your horse at the door.

Wooden Shjips - Everybody Knows from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.