Women Talk Heavier, Moodier Sophomore Album

Women Talk Heavier, Moodier Sophomore Album
In 2008, Calgary four-piece Women released their self-titled debut and took the world by storm, touring internationally and garnering massive critical praise across the board. Two years later, and the band still haven't delivered their follow-up, but soon that's all set to change.

Speaking in a recent Exclaim! interview, Women guitarist Chris Reimer reveals that the new album is currently being mastered, though it's still far from complete. "It doesn't have a title," he says of the album's status, "and to be perfectly honest none of the songs have proper titles; they all have two or three working titles. Nothing's been named yet, but it'll get there eventually."

Title or no title, Reimer was able to give us some insight into the sound of the album, which once again is being produced by Flemish Eye label-mate Chad VanGaalen in his Calgary studio. "I'd say this one is a lot more moody and the ideas are a lot more fleshed out," he explains. "It's definitely a different feeling album, and I'd say it's a bit heavier in a way."

And while there is still more work to do, Women have been labouring over the record in the studio during the last eight months to arrive at the final product. "We had a bunch of songs written, but they had to go through different phases before we were happy with them," Reimer says. "We had to try them in different settings and with different instrumentation and different arrangements before they turned into what we wanted them to be. They were songs, but they were in a pretty fetal stage when we started."

The pain-staking attention to detail could stem from the pressure to deliver on their sophomore album. But despite the international acclaim of their debut, Reimer says the band only looked to themselves for motivation. "All the pressure that went into it was self-imposed," he explains. "We were going to freak out about the second one regardless of what happened with the first one. We did impress some people along the way with the first one, which adds some background pressure, but we were going to be as hard as we were on it I think regardless, just because of who we are and how we operate as a band."

Women's sophomore album does not have release date at this point, but Reimer says the band are eyeing a fall release on Flemish Eye in Canada and Jagjaguwar in the U.S.