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The WombatsGlitterbug
Glitterbug is a fitting title for the latest sugary synth-pop confection from British outfit the Wombats. The band brought catchy choruses and energetic verses on A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation and This Modern Glitch, but Glitterbug takes the glitz a step further with more electronic production and a clear aim to reach an audience of radio listeners.
"Greek Tragedy" has the potential to be as successful a single as 2011's "1996," as they combine an infectious chorus with a pop production sheen. The Wombats' use of synth is a little heavy-handed on Glitterbug, especially on the end of "Isabel" and the bridge of "Your Body is a Weapon," but the intention is there: with subject material including pretty girls and wild parties, the Wombats aimed to create a collection of party-ready tunes here, and for the most part, they do exactly that.
While their approach is a little aggressive at times, making it a little too much to take in at once, Glitterbug is full of tracks that prove there's no reason not to indulge in it. (14th Floor)
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