The Womb The Womb

The Womb have been making their rounds on the Toronto circuit for some time now and if this self-released EP is any indication, are poised to move on to bigger things sooner rather than later. The overall approach they take is in some ways similar to A Life Once Lost, though less predictable and derivative. The group play a fairly technical fusion of power groove and progressive influences, wrapped up in memorable songs with a touch of hardcore/sludge acidity. Although the production values leave much to be desired, there’s a lot to be said for a "metalcore” band that steer clear of genre conventions, barring the vocals occasionally drawing too much from Phil Anselmo’s playbook. The Womb’s greatest strength is in their rhythmic dynamic — seemingly mismatched riffs are blended together using well-thought out technical embellishments similar to Soilent Green, and repetition is not shied away from. This allows for a balanced listen that resonates well after its completion, which precious few independent debuts deliver. This is a promising beginning and recommended to fans of Eyehategod, Soilent, or later Pantera. (Independent)