Wolves Wolves

Wolves Wolves
Toronto's newest rap super group teams Ghettosocks with his Teenburger partner Timbuktu and his Twin Peaks partner Muneshine, as well as regular Muneshine collaborator D-Sisive and beatmaker Bix, who was a member of Halifax rap group Alpha Flight with Ghettosocks back in the day. Their self-titled debut features the quirky styles of the four emcees over Bix's darkly banging beats, with a slight horrorcore vibe to both the music and lyrics — and lots of wolf howls.

The pentagram on the cover should be a clue to the types of references made throughout the album, although the Satanic talk comes off more like Black Sabbath than black metal. Hand in hand with that are sex songs such as the autobiographical "Let the Boy Watch" and the sexual braggadocio of "Shum Shum" and "Lioness." With so many members already in the mix, Wolves is thankfully light on guests, with Timbutku's Swamp Thing partners Savilion and Chokeules on "Lioness" and "Winston Wolf," respectively, plus Adam Bomb and Canadian rap legend Maestro on first single "Kings."

While Wolves isn't as conceptually connected as other recent albums from the members of this group, most of the songs are held together by concepts, including yet another great zombie song ("Zombies"), the third for Timbuktu and the second for Socks. It's been almost three years since Wolves released their first track, "Air Pump and a Mushroom Cut," but the wait has resulted in a tight, dark album for those who appreciate concept-driven, underground boom-bap.

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