Wolfie Tall Dark Hill

If there ever there were a casting call for the poppiest band on Earth, it'd be a safe bet that Wolfie would be in line for the auditions. Hailing from Champaign, IL, this trio crank up their amps to make some loud and crunchy pop rock. Very reminiscent of Sloan's most melodic moments, the Photon Band's '60s obsession and Weezer's nerdy charm, Wolfie is everything a pop fanatic should want. "Slip of a Shingle" and "Gwendolyn" are piano sing-alongs for the campfire, complete with tambourine. "You Are a Woman," which begins with a Black Sabbath riff, shows the band's tendency to break away from the innocence and put their rock skills to the test. Ending the album is a blueprint soft tune, complete with "oohs" and "ahhs" and acoustic guitar, but wait, it changes pace and converts to a rock anthem then goes slow again and so on for ten minutes. This all makes Wolfie a fun rock band, but Tall Dark Hill just doesn't do enough to make it sound unlike all of the other March Records bands, which is truly a shame. (March)