Wolfgang Voigt Back in the Studio… 1

Wolfgang Voigt Back in the Studio… 1
Following the success of this year’s Gas reissue, Nah Und Fern, electronic pioneer Wolfgang Voigt will again take a trip down memory lane in 2009. On January 12, the Kompakt head has announced he’ll be resurrecting his long-deleted Studio 1 work, once again giving fans a chance to dig into Voigt’s ahead-of-its-time ’90s recordings.

Voigt’s Studio 1 material has often been credited as "the root and origin of German minimal techno” and, up to this point, has remained clouded in mystery. In the early ’90s, each of the ten Studio 1 twelve-inches originally came sporting no record titles, no track names and were only differentiated from each other by the colour of the packaging.

Many of the Studio 1 tracks found their way onto CD back in 2005, which included five then-unreleased bonus tracks. But with that release going out of print almost as quickly as the twelve-inches, the Kompakt reissue will mark the first time many fans will get a chance to hear Studio 1 on a physical format.

There’s no word from Kompakt yet if this CD-only affair will again include those previously released bonus tracks and the label hasn’t released any track listing. However, with no track names, that isn’t really going to help us figure out what’s on this collection, now is it?

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