Wolf Parade Unveil Cover Art for Expo 86

Wolf Parade Unveil Cover Art for <i>Expo 86</i>
In 2010, we've already seen our fair share of horrible album covers. It's a relief then that Wolf Parade's cover art for their upcoming Expo 86 is, well, awesome. It makes us want to put on Goonies, ride bikes and, of course, play war - all good things and something record covers should remind us of more often.

While that's the cover up there above, according to MBV, the record's release date still hasn't been set in stone. Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner recently told us that Sub Pop is aiming for a June 29 release, but so far that's just tentative.

In the meantime, enjoy that cover, and check them out on their massive tour across Europe, Canada and the U.S.