Wolf Parade Detail 'EP 4'

Wolf Parade Detail 'EP 4'
Wolf Parade recently confided with Exclaim! that their current run of reunion dates would be complemented with a brand new EP's worth of material. Going by a newly uploaded Amazon listing, that EP should be landing next week.

As Pitchfork points out, Amazon is currently listing a new four-song entry from Wolf Parade going by the title of EP 4. The mini-effort is apparently dropping next Tuesday (May 17) through the band's own Wolf Parade Productions. You can listen to snippets from each track over here

As previously reported, the band's Dan Boeckner had noted that the latest batch of songs Wolf Parade have put together are "really fast," and lean more towards the concise approach of the band's debut album, Apologies to the Queen Mary, over the grand, interlocking riffs of 2010's Expo 86.

"There's a heavy glam vibe on the new stuff, which I'm really diggin'," he added, further explaining that one as-yet-unidentified track "kinda reminded me of early Queen and The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack."

While Boeckner had noted that one song had been going by the title "Boy Division," owing to the tune sounding like "like an amateur Joy Division," there is no such song on EP 4. It's as yet unclear if the song has been retitled, abandoned or if it's being saved for another time.

You'll find the cover art for Wolf Parade's EP 4 up above, while the tracklisting info is down below.

Additionally, the band's deluxe re-release of Apologies to the Queen Mary comes out this Friday (May 13) through Sub Pop.

Wolf Parade's tour schedule continues to grow, with the band now confirmed to be appearing at festivals including Victoria, BC's Rifflandia. You'll find their updated itinerary over here.

EP 4:

1. Automatic
2. Mr. Startup
3. C'est La Vie Way
4. Floating World