Wojczech Sedimente

Clearly this German grind band aren’t attempting to break through to the North American metal scene in too large a way with that name (although it is fun to say it out loud). But amongst the basement and cellar-dwelling grindcore legion, this stuff is gonna be welcomed with open claws. At 23 minutes, it’s a bit short for a full-length, but like I always say, that just leaves them wanting more and makes the punch that much more powerful. And although this band’s mix of grind and death metal with some crust/hardcore overtones may ride the median mean average of all good grind, at least it’s good. It’s slightly above average in some way, with the good production helping and the band’s positive attitude shining through it all, even if the lyrics are in German. So, yeah, it’s not incredible, but incredibly enjoyable nonetheless. (Selfmadegod)