Within Reach Complaint Ignored

Sweden's Within Reach have done what makes music lovers very happy: created something unique and made it top quality. It takes a few songs to comprehend what is happening here, which is a stunning hybrid of modern melodic hardcore and dark thrash metal. The band keeps things fast and furious for most of the ten songs at hand, dishing out riff after raging riff, all while vocalist Denny belts out tales of rebellion, bitterness and inspiration. Probably Within Reach's biggest asset, the melodic segments add a powerful touch that most heavy bands can never realise. Don't be fooled into thinking this is another cheesy metalcore act, though, these guys drip intensity and emotion with a refreshing honesty. Remember the amazing production sound on Nasum's Human 2.0? Well, Mieszko from Nasum is at the producing helm here, recreating that wonderful, crunchy and clear sound. Truly a release that fans of hardcore and metal alike will appreciate. (Bad Taste)