Withered Memento Mori

The two years since Withered’s inception have been incredibly productive for this Atlanta foursome. Combining the finest elements of several different metal dispositions carries their own unique creativity through a doom laden aural assault. The sludgy yet complex ambience that dominates the record is strongly influenced by early Entombed and a more menacing manifestation of the upbeat harmonies that have been inappropriately dubbed "Gothenburg.” The modern meets Southern edge to their heavy and intricate style underscores the traditional death metal elements (blistering tremolo, driven melodies, punishing breakdowns, etc.) that carry the record. When it comes to writing, they’re unusually apt at constructing memorable yet technically engaging songs. Their slow, crushing moments shine through to afford them a dynamic that eludes the hundreds of bands who could only dream of comprehending the paradox of a chaotic but cleverly balanced structure. If this masterfully executed opus is only the beginning for Withered, the metal realm can safely anticipate a finely tuned follow-up. (Lifeforce)