Withered Folie Circulaire

Withered broached many year-end lists with their Lifeforce debut, Memento Mori, and have brought their sound to fruition with Folie Circulaire. Being one of those all-too-rare bands whose sound is rather difficult to categorize, the group have opted to streamline their approach ever so slightly and focus on increased fluidity and more memorable song structures. Balancing elements of nihilistic sludge, raw melodic black metal, à la early Enslaved or Satyricon, and technical death metal is no task for a mediocre act to undertake, but Withered prove themselves indisputably up to the task. Featuring a gritty yet thoroughly listenable mix and a more fully fleshed out atmosphere than Memento Mori, Folie Circulaire throws a diverse array of influences at the listener without resorting to cheap gimmickry. While it may take many spins to absorb something so dense and oppressive, the payoff is well worth it, as certain elements become infectious and reveal further intricacies after repeat listens. A dynamic, unique offering from Prosthetic Records, which should sign more acts this challenging and less third-rate melodic metalcore! (Prosthetic)