Withallsincerity The Age Where Nothing Fits

Man, I've just got absolutely no sympathy for a metalcore band that has three words in their name and refuses to use a space bar; I mean, I realise all your peers are doing it, but that doesn't stop it from looking completely ludicrous. Havingsaidthat, I'll continue to slam this totally redundant genre and bands like this that are just re-treading old, used ground. I mean, it's hard; I'm not being totally malicious here, this band is talented as heck and create some good moments of heavy sonic fun. But, I get the feeling I've heard this before. Oh, right, I have, about 50 times in the past two years. Those high guitar squealies and useless screamo vocals ain't helping matters any. Honestly, I'm trying to be nice, but this is about as exciting in the metalcore world as the latest Monstrosity is in the death scene, and that's the tragedy: both bands are obviously excellent players, so why not try something new? (Pluto)