With All Due Respect Torrent

Montreal's With All Due Respect release Torrent, a five-song EP with depth and density. Torrent follows the duo's 2008 LP, Blueprint for Destiny, joining variant musical elements under a meditative, moonlit, electronic glow. Softly banging out metallic digital effects, as if to stimulate a resurgence of industrial music (Skinny Puppy, anyone?), there's simultaneously a shimmering trip-hop engagement, in the style of Massive Attack. Torrent represents the influence of electronic music's innovators upon With All Due Respect, noticeably those creating previously unheard sounds in the '90s. "Ecoute Selective" begins the record with the slow-building introduction of beautifully layered audio elements, which are tweaked creatively before Nathalie Courchesne adds her powerful vocals over dub-y bass. "Celsius" is the crunchiest, fuzziest song on the record, fitting comfortably amongst the dub-y trip-hop aspects, tinged with industrial sounds. With current music rife with record sales determined more by celebrity status than experience, the technical ability on Torrent is deeply felt. With All Due Respect offer another good reason to support underground music in Canada, for those who still value not only expertise in music production, but also a crystal-clear link to spirit and self. (Independent)