W.I.T. Whatever It Takes

Electro-svengali Larry Tee knows the end is nigh — that’s why he’s shutting down his Berliniamsburg party that jump-started the whole electroclash micro-movement — but he continues to spout hyperbolic shite such as claiming his pre-fab girl group W.I.T. is "one of the biggest music success stories of 2003.” Seriously, that is hilarious. W.I.T. — featuring hottie hipster chicks Melissa Burns, Christine Doza and Mandy Coon — had already peaked when Tee’s interminable Electroclash tour rolled through Canada in late 2002. Like Fischerspooner, they are stuck wide releasing an anti-climactic full-length with all the decent songs long licensed to a bazillion compilations. Yep, the Cars’ cover "Just What I Needed” is still pretty funny and "Ooh I Like It” is coyly sexy (with loads of fun lasers!) but one listen to the flat single "Hold Me, Touch Me” makes you realise exactly what’s wrong here. It’s not a cover of "Touch Me” but it might as well be — only it’s not nearly as good. Girls, if you can’t better Samantha Fox, then you might as well go home and cry into your leg warmers. (Mogul Electro)