Wisely Parador

For some peculiar reason, Willie Wisely’s name isn’t uttered with the same trepidation as Matthew Sweet’s. Yet his solo debut She is a record that features the same kind of perfect pop songs that Girlfriend became legendary for — but it somehow managed to slip through the cracks. Wisely has continued to make great power pop records that found a limited, but appreciative audience, before he seemed to disappear completely from view. Although he hasn’t made a solo record in about ten years, he hasn’t been taking it easy. He has made a name for himself as a music producer composing soundtracks and has even dabbled with acting too. But after finally getting the credit he deserved for his earlier albums, he has returned to his musical roots again. Parador is one of those albums that can be described as mature without it being an insult. It would seem that the years have not been particularly kind to Wisely, as most songs have an air of melancholy about them. But rather than coming across as maudlin, there is something mildly uplifting in the wonderful melodies. Add to that, the great harmonies and there’s very little here to complain about. It is hard to imagine a better power pop album being released this year. It is very good to have Willie Wisely back. (Not Lame)