Wise Monkey Orchestra They Live

Out there, drifting among the nebula, black holes, comets and other cosmic celestial bodies, lies the inspiration of WMO. Listening to this highly abstract, funk, soul and jazz mixture, which glistens through kidney-melting hallucinations and clouds of smoke, may make you feel befuddled and confused, but pleasantly warm. WMO is the kind of band that plays in the mid-afternoon of an all-day outdoor summer festival, the one you were too stoned to really check out, but offered you the opportunity to laugh at all the hollow-chested, bearded hippie guys dancing with girls with hemp flower dresses, hairy legs and sandals. Good background music and a fine addition to a nice sunny day, with intricate sax solos, solid organs and a strong female vocal presence. But the bud's wearing off and Fishbone really ought to take the stage soon. (Lauan)