Juggalo Arrested for Severing Woman's Finger and Drinking Blood in "Ritualistic Memorial"

Juggalo Arrested for Severing Woman's Finger and Drinking Blood in "Ritualistic Memorial"
A Wisconsin-based Insane Clown Posse fan has been charged with mayhem and reckless injury for severing a woman's finger with a machete, as part of an alleged "ritualistic memorial" commemorating the life of a fellow Juggalo who passed away.

WBAY reports [via MetalSucks] that Suamico, WI resident Jonathan Schrap had held an event at his home on August 27 that led to friend Shelby Neuens volunteering to have her blood drunk as part of a memorial. Also there were Nick Laabs, and a local horror-core rapper named Bloody Ruckus (a.k.a. Preston Hyde).

A criminal complaint against Schrap explains that the host "had taken a machete and made an approximate one inch laceration on [Neuens'] right side forearm." From there, Schrap filled up a shotglass with his friend's blood, and drank it.

The situation quickly escalated after the group began talking about severing a finger. Neuens, who told police she had not been under the influence of any substance, then volunteered for her pinky to be hacked off as well. It took two strikes for Schrap to sever the finger completely.

To cauterize the wound, the group of men first attempted to burn Neuens' hand with a car lighter, and later a blow torch. The woman told authorities this hurt worse than having her finger cut off.

Neuens went to her boyfriend's house after the severing incident, and was told to go to the emergency room. Staff at Saint Mary's Hospital called the police. When asked about the events, Neuens told authorities that she didn't want to press charges, as she had been a willing volunteer.

Police arrested Schrap and Laabs, while Hyde has not yet been tracked down. It's believed he has video of all of the night's events.

Laabs was later released, while Schrap is expected in court September 21 for a preliminary hearing.

The Juggalo movement has been plagued with controversy for years after the FBI officially classified them as a "gang" in 2011. Next year, the ICP-affiliated subculture is planning a protest march in Washington, DC.