Windy & Carl Consciousness

Finally, it has been almost three long years since Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren took a plunge into sonic Depths. And now, the Dearborn, MI, duo surfaces with Consciousness - a welcoming release of viscous ambience, of which they're vanguards at casting. Expect the "expected" of them, which is always top-notch and ends up being far more of an experience than one previously expects; that is their potent charm. Their trademark embroidered pillows of guitar-scapes drenched in delays extend beyond the perceptual horizon, as do the touches of keyboards that are threaded by a bass guitar. The disc begins with "The Sun," a warm trickling of thawing guitar that begins the sailing voyage of sound. The second track, "Balance (Trembling)," creates the illusion inherent when driving through the plains at night, where one sees the lights of a megalopolis in the distance that does not seem to get any closer, despite travelling rapidly towards it. "Resolution," the final piece, is like the sound coming from an exotically futuristic apparatus that sprays light onto on object in order to preserve it as an antiquity for the future. The Windy and Carl listening experience is akin to the period of peace when one is about to succumb to slumber; the body is hypnotised yet the mind becomes more lucid. You will hear more and more, hence the title. This is what you will feel, no matter what hour you play this disc at. Enjoy the drifting, as there is nothing else like it (Kranky)