Windsor for the Derby Pit Themselves Against Love on New Album

Windsor for the Derby Pit Themselves <i>Against Love</i> on New Album
Austin, TX quartet Windsor for the Derby have always hit that sweet spot between post-punk, shoegaze and post-rock. On their most recent effort, 2008's How We Lost, Exclaim! observed that "the band's modus operandi has been more about generating the atmosphere than aping the specifics of certain My Bloody Joy Divisions." With their ninth album on the horizon, the shoegaze love affair has continued.

For starters, the album is called Against Love, which brings to mind a certain classic album named Loveless. Lead single "Queen of the Sun," which can be heard here, continues Windsor for the Derby's long history with hazy guitars and slow-building crescendoes. According to a press release, the album "finds the balance between experimentation and rock tradition more heavily skewed toward the former."

The full tracklisting for Windsor For the Derby's Against Love is below and the cover is above. The album will be released by Secretly Canadian on June 22.

Against Love:

1. "Against Love"

2. "Autumn Song"

3. "After Love"

4. "Queen Of The Sun"

5. "Singer 1968"

6. "Moon Shadows"

7. "Our Love's A Calamity"

8. "Alex Lucero"

9. "Dull Knives"

10. "Hips"

11. "Cursed Ages"

12. "Tropical Depression"