Willis Earl Beal Launches 'Church of Nobody' Video Series with King Krule

Willis Earl Beal Launches 'Church of Nobody' Video Series with King Krule
Willis Earl Beal recently released his album Nobody Knows, and as he goes about promoting it, he's also sharing the spotlight with some of his musical peers via his newly unveiled performance series Church of Nobody.

The series will consist of eight episodes that will clock in at around 20 minutes apiece, with each featuring a performance from a different artist; that same artist will also act as host introduce themselves and guide the viewer through the episode.

Church of Nobody launched today (October 25) with the first two episodes: Episode 1 features Beal himself, while Episode 2 focuses on enigmatic British songwriter King Krule. Watch those two vintage-looking episodes at the bottom of this page, and stay tuned for future episodes from Kirin J Callinan, Single Mothers, and other artists to be named soon.

Each of the episodes takes its title from Willis Earl Beal's Principles of a Protagonist. See the titles below, and stay tuned for them to emerge at Church of Nobody's website.

The series will culminate in a TV special air on American Thanksgiving (November 28) called — you guessed it — Church of Nobody. This hour-long program will air through BRIC Brooklyn's Free Speech TV and can be watched on various U.S. stations and online right here.

Church of Nobody:

1. Sincerity: Never say or do anything contrary to your overall intentions. (Willis Earl Beal)
2. Restraint: Be Moderate. Never fully indulge. Detach yourself somewhat. (King Krule)
3. Composure: Never allow yourself to appear nervous. Project serenity. Always pace yourself. Don't try to keep up.
4. Ability: Be able to learn & apply. Knowledge should equal skill.
5. Levity: When interacting with people, avoid rigidity. Let them pass through you. Be like a thin wall of water.
6. Consistency: Be a pro. Don't be erratic. Gain trust by being reliable.
7. Neutrality: Don't take sides. Internalize no politics. Take up no other cause except your own. Be empty.
8. Order: You don't have to be perpetually clean, but know where your shit is when you need it.