Willis Earl Beal "Evening's Kiss"

Willis Earl Beal 'Evening's Kiss'
Willis Earl Beal will be releasing his new single "Evening's Kiss" next month via the prestigious XL Recordings, but he's still a very down-to-earth kind of guy. Look him up and his website gives you his address with the message: "Write to me and I will make you a drawing," and his phone number alongside: "Call me and I will sing you a song." Hailing from Chicago, he used to leave random copies of his demo CDs lying around town for people to find.

Some may even recognize him from The X Factor, although most of the rejected contestants don't have Damon Albarn, James Blake and Jaime XX knocking at their door for collaborations like this guy.

Beal recently signed to XL and will be releasing his debut Acousmatic Sorcery on March 20. The first single "Evening's Kiss," an ultra lo-fi acoustic number, will be released on February 21, but you can listen to it below now.