William Shatner Goes Metal on New Album

William Shatner Goes Metal on New Album
We tend to give William Shatner props for his acting roles, from Captain Kirk to T.J. Hooker to the guy in those Priceline commercials, while overlooking his zany recording career. Yeah, sometimes we blast his loopy "Mr. Tambourine Man" when our comedy playlist is on shuffle, and we got a giggle or two out of his recent "Fuck You" cover, but we never really give the guy credit for his, uh, unique delivery. Chances are things aren't going to change with the Shat's recent announcement that he's recording a metal album, but damned if it doesn't sound ridiculously awesome.

Last week, the Captain revealed the project via his Twitter account, along with some friends in high places.

"Just watched tracks being laid down by Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society for my upcoming record SEEKING MAJOR TOM. My best, Bill," he tweeted, continuing, "A master playing a cover of IRON MAN. He's fantastic! I'm energized."

While no formal announcement has been made for the record so far, LA Weekly purportedly has the scoop. Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez will also be featured on a cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," while Peter Frampton is apparently confirmed as well. Some other musicians rumoured to be on the album include Queen guitarist Brian May, Steve Howe of prog legends Yes and space funk bassist Bootsy Collins.

LA Weekly does, however, point that many of these musicians may have just stopped by the recording studio. A source for the publication said it's "too early to confirm a lot of the artists and songs." Unsurprisingly, the source also said that "what's been recorded so far is fucking amazing, he is fucking amazing." Could we expect anything less?