William Ryan Fritch 'Empty' (EP Stream)

William Ryan Fritch'Empty' (EP Stream)
Oakland-based composer William Ryan Fritch is ready to release Empty. This EP is part of the six and a half hours of music that he's putting out in a nine-month span, treasures collected by Lost Tribe Sound from his fabled "Leave Me" sessions. Empty doesn't arrive until November 11, but you can already stream it online here at Exclaim.ca.

Empty shows Fritch at his most heartfelt and, surprisingly, vocal. The downtempo instrumentals perfectly suit his plaintive voice, his lyrics touching on the love and fear in these tumultuous economic times, with echoes of a falsetto reminiscent of Antony and the Johnsons. There's a simmering tension in its minimalism, between the tribal kicks, scattered neo-folk percussion, and strings gliding between hypnotic slinkiness and frantic paranoia, yet tempered by the warmth of the human spirit. It's a dramatic and intimate statement.

A download code for the Empty EP will be included with the purchase of the Revisionist deluxe LP book, slated to be the final instalment and crescendo of the "Leave Me"-based subscription series, which is due out in early 2015, but it can be bought on its own as a digital EP on November 11.

 In anticipation of its digital release, the Empty EP is available for streaming below now.