Will Toledo Shuts Down Car Seat Headrest Subreddit: "Chill the Fuck Out"

Will Toledo Shuts Down Car Seat Headrest Subreddit: "Chill the Fuck Out"
Photo: Shane Parent
Car Seat Headrest fans have been receiving a wealth of new material thanks to the recently re-released Twin Fantasy LP and a Smash Mouth cover, but they won't be able to dissect the intricacies of "Fallen Horses" on Reddit for the time being. The subreddit devoted to the Will Toledo-fronted band has been temporarily shut down.
In reaction to increasingly hostile vibes from within the online forum, Toledo took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour of some fans. He iterated that the only requirements to be a fan of Car Seat Headrest are to "listen to and enjoy the music," adding that those who wish to express their appreciation in more elaborate ways should consider "whether it would be a Good or Bad thing to do."
He noted that stuff like making fan art would fall under the "good thing" category, while "searching for defunct myspace pages to find pictures of me at age 13 to share with a network of strangers" would not.
Toledo also condemned the idea of impersonating him and posting music to Bandcamp, as well as the notion of impersonating him to threaten the person posting to Bandcamp.
He acknowledged that most Car Seat Headrest fans are probably "peaceful, reasonable people," but urged everyone to disengage from the "lunch table politics" of the subreddit's community.
Toledo offered a final bit of wisdom, ending his Twitter rant with: "My advice is to chill the fuck out, don't talk to strangers online, and make a minimal effort to be a decent human being."
Read the full string of tweets below.
The Car Seat Headrest subreddit remains down at the time of press. A message on the landing page reads: "Sorry, we're on an indefinite hiatus, as per request of Will."