Will Currie & the Country French

They Killed Us

Will Currie & the Country FrenchThey Killed Us
Will Currie is nothing if not a precocious fellow; the Waterloo-based musician sports a prestigious music degree from Wilfred Laurier University. But similar to other musical prodigies, like Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright, Currie possesses the ability to transfer his talent into a charm and kinetic energy that manifests itself best in live performances.
On their second LP, They Killed Us, Will Country & the Country French try to capture that charisma, giving the listener 14 tracks that feature punchy arrangements, intricate melodies and ornate lyrics. On "Philadelphia," "Beacon" and the title track, Currie demonstrates his blossoming aptitude for writing exceptionally catchy melodies, while tracks like "No, Nothing" and "Danger" sound romantic and theatrical without ever coming off syrupy or melodramatic. And of course, Currie's piano playing remains as stupefying as ever. 

Although at times Currie still seems in search of his own singular sound, the level of execution on They Killed Us is without rival. (File Under: Music)
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