Will Butler "You Must Be Kidding"

Will Butler "You Must Be Kidding"
As previously reported, Arcade Fire's Will Butler has teamed up with UK newspaper The Guardian to deliver a song a day — ripped from the headlines.
We've already heard "Clean Monday" and "Waving Flag," and now the singer-songwriter has offered up "You Must Be Kidding." On the latest track, he tackles the water shortage in São Paulo.
He recalls a recent trip to the Brazilian city, writing:
On this latest Arcade Fire tour I got to spend a couple of days in São Paulo. It was my first quality time spent in the city, and I loved it. Musician friends of friends showed us around. There's a bonkers energy and, like most cities I love, a mind-bending blend of cultures. It was exhausting, mostly in a good way. I can't wait to go back.
The first time I went to São Paulo I was jet-lagged and relatively inexperienced with traveling. It was on the Funeral tour. I think we spent a day and a half in town, most of it inside the hotel which was behind a high fence with razor wire and armed guards outside. It was a weird, intense scene, that hotel.
I bet that hotel will figure out a way to get water no matter how low the supply gets.
You can hear his latest musical interpretation of the news by listening to "You Must Be Kidding" below [via The Guardian]. Check out Butler's recently added upcoming tour dates over here.