Wiley Deported from Canada

Wiley Deported from Canada
UK grime artist Wiley was deported from Canada yesterday (April 2), leaving the artist to weigh in on the situation over Twitter with a series of angered messages.

His troubles apparently started some time yesterday afternoon, ahead of a performance that was scheduled at Toronto's Hoxton. Shortly after posting a picture from inside an airport, the MC tweeted out, "Immigration have got me and are sending me back to London .....Sad story."

The details from there get a bit foggy, but judging by Wiley's Twitter account, which states that he resides in Toronto and London, he was engaged in an argument with immigration officials. They pointed to an undetailed arrest in the U.S. sometime in Wiley's past as a reason to have him sent back home and put him on a plane to the UK. Unfortunately for Wiley, the plane was sent to Glasgow and not London, with the MC forced to find his way back home from there.

Regarding the arrest, Wiley admitted, "I have a criminal record in the usa but i ain't done anything ....not 1 crime there," reiterating that he had not spent any time in jail over the unknown incident. He then told the "youngers" to keep their records clean lest they want to wind up in the same sort of trouble.

While currently in the UK, Wiley reports that he is not banned from Canada, though he will have to apply for a work visa before he gets back on our soil.

You can see a selection of his tweets down below.