Wildchild Secondary Protocol

When Lootpack dropped Soundpieces: Da Antidote back in 1999, much of the focus fell on the efforts of producer/MC Madlib who has since evolved into a prolific producer with an affinity for ingenious alter egos. Fellow mic wrecker Wildchild’s presence may have been overlooked back then, but he’s rectified the situation on Secondary Protocol. While the presence of DJ Romes and Madlib’s contribution of half the production aids his anxiety to scotch rumours of the demise of the Lootpack, Wildchild does more than enough to emerge from the group’s shadow. Dispatching syllables at an alarmingly rapid rate, Wildchild’s offbeat style is initially the most noticeable element of his steelo. Yet closer inspection reveals his flow allows him to often drop thought-provoking jewels in quick succession while playing topical roulette. It’s a formula that works as well on posse cuts with Percee P & Medaphoar ("Knick Knack 2002”) and the Liks ("The Come Off”) as it does on conceptual efforts ("Wonder Years”). Ironically, the standout track "Kiana,” named after and dedicated to his daughter, is an occasion where Wildchild maintains the same focus throughout rhyming over an immediately infectious guitar loop. Nevertheless, Madlib and his brother Oh No’s dusty productions and quirky interludes are comfortable bedfellows with Wildchild’s gritty humility and purist approach but never dislodge him as the centre of attention. (Stones Throw)