Wild Nothing "Wait"

Wild Nothing 'Wait'
Late last week, we got the first taste of Wild Nothing's new two-song seven-inch via the Andrea Estella (Twin Sister)-assisted "Nowhere." This may straight-up spoil the wax platter for those waiting for the single's February 21 release date, but B-side "Wait" is now also streaming online.

"Wait" plays way more upbeat than "Nowhere," which is no doubt a consolation to anyone left unimpressed by the placid pace of the A-side. The song isn't just a retread of Gemini-era gems, though.

Fuller production values pumps through the speakers, with just a touch of distortion shining on those six-strings, providing a bit more punch than we're used to from Jack Tatum and co. The warbling shoegaze divebombs, luscious vocal harmonies and a solid tambourine on the chorus also make this one of the catchiest cuts the act have ever delivered.

Check it out below.

As previously reported, Captured Tracks drops the single on February 21.