Wild Nothing Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 27

Wild Nothing Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 27
Photo: Julie Michaud
Wild Nothing, the much-hyped dream pop project from Virginian musician Jack Tatum, returned to Montreal for their second consecutive Pop Montreal appearance, rising up the ranks to grace the hallowed Metropolis halls. Tatum and a quartet of cohorts rifled through selections from the project's two albums and an EP during their brief set. While the set was filled with pleasing guitar tone and groovy bass lines, the band's synth work was muddled if present at all, and the band's general demeanour seemed to betray the fact that something was off.

Tatum was visibly perturbed throughout the entire set, his furrowed face unable to hide his displeasure. At one point, he even remarked that "the stagnant white light" that beamed down on the band "was killing [his] vibe." Tatum was most notably disappointed after a failed attempt at the intro to "Paradise" from 2011's Nocturne. Undeterred, his band kept on playing, and Tatum recovered to deliver the best performance of the set. The set definitely had its merits, and while the band's performance may not be best suited to as large a stage as Metropolis's, the group are still adept to crafting a nice hook.

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