Wild Beasts Reveal Record Made By "Real Young Men"

Wild Beasts Reveal Record Made By 'Real Young Men'
Following up on Wild Beasts' debut longer player Limbo, Panto - a record we called "unapologetically histrionic, accomplished and ... not the bitter, pretentious pill one would expect from something so art damaged" - the English foursome have set the due date for album two. Called Two Dancers, the record is due out via Domino on August 3 in the UK, with the appropriately dubbed lead-off single "Hooting and Howling" out a bit earlier on July 20.

In a new blog post, head Wild Beast Hayden Thorpe had this to say about the new album: "It is a galvanised Wild Beasts playing streamlined and sultry. It is Wild Beasts as the ugly duckling now grown graceful and full. It is Wild Beasts as you have never heard us before."

Two Dancers is also apparently "a record made by real young men," full of references of "booty calls, puckered lips, bodies as perfect machines and dim-lit streets." And from the sounds of things, Thorpe's falsetto is more emotive than ever on this one, something that likely going to draw even more comparisons to equally unique vocalists like Antony Hegarty and Dirty Projector's Dave Longstreth.

No North American date for Two Dancers has yet been announced, but here are the tracks:

1. "The Fun Powder Plot"
2. "Hooting And Howling"
3. "All The King's Men"
4. "When I'm Sleepy..."
5. "We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues"
6. "Two Dancers"
7. "Two Dancers II"
8. "This Is Our Lot"
9. "Underbelly"
10. "The Empty Nest"