Wild Beasts "Palace" (video)

Wild Beasts "Palace" (video)
While Present Tense is now firmly in the past, UK art-pop group Wild Beasts have revisited the well-received LP to treat "Palace" to a new music video.

Directed by Alex Turvey, the video shwocases the band as they play in a pitch-black room, surrounded by plenty of bizarre characters.

Wild Beast Tom Fleming shared the following statement on the video's concept:

The idea of the video was to match the feel of a cheap game show with the content of a rather cruel psychological experiment. The content was unknown to us before the shoot; we were kept in a closed room until we were filmed, one by one, in a single take. What you see is us being introduced to the content for the first time and our genuine reactions to the objects and people involved. We wanted to make something that felt like an event and a sort of project, rather than what passes for a trad music video.

Watch the clip for "Palace" below.