​Wilco Unveil 'Being There' Rarity "Dynamite My Soul"

​Wilco Unveil 'Being There' Rarity 'Dynamite My Soul'
Wilco will be treating A.M. and Being There to deluxe reissues next month, and they're teasing the upcoming releases by unearthing a long-lost song from the latter.
"Dynamite My Soul" appears on the accompanying outakes, alternates and demos disc of the Being There reissue, giving hardcore fans some extra insight into the 1996 album.
Featuring just acoustic guitar and Jeff Tweedy's drawling vocals, it's a gentle reminder of the band's older sound. Listen to "Dynamite My Soul" down below.
As previously reported, the deluxe revamps of A.M. and Being There will arrive on December 1 via Rhino.