Wilco 'The Whole Love' bonus tracks

Wilco 'The Whole Love' bonus tracks
Wilco's new album The Whole Love dropped earlier this week via their own dBpm Records, but now you can listen to a track from the deluxe version of the LP.

"Speak Into the Rose" sees the band relapse into some more experimental-sounding rock'n'roll. With a pounding beat throughout and a noisy crescendo towards the end, it's easy to see why this track didn't exactly fit in to the final tracklisting for The Whole Love. But it's still cool to hear.

Listen to "Speak Into the Rose" below.

UPDATE: You can now listen to all the album's bonus tracks below, including "Message from the Mid-Bar" and "Black Moon" (Alternate Version).

"Speak into the Rose":

"Message from the Mid-Bar":

"Black Moon" (Alternate Version):