Wilco "Dawned on Me" (video)

Wilco 'Dawned on Me' (video)
Wilco take it to the 2D world in their latest The Whole Love promo clip for "Dawned on Me," which pits the all-star alt-country troupe against the ol' timey Popeye gang.

Things start innocently enough when a mysterious can of Wilco brand spinach pops open, releasing the sailor man and his buddies to have a foot-shuffling dance party near the sea, but animosity sets in pretty quick once Jeff Tweedy's apparent studliness steals string-bean female lead Olive Oyl's eye away from her regular Romeos, Popeye and Bluto.

Bluto tries to whisk the gal away, but Popeye saves the day by wailing away on that bearded bad guy. Regrettably, brawn doesn't beat songsmanship, and Tweedy still makes off with Olive by the clip's end.

Elsewhere, Nels Cline teaches the proper way to bow a guitar with a baby's butt, and Wimpy, no doubt short on cash as always, finds a stash of hamburgers in a head of hair. It's a cute throwback for music and animations fans alike.

Check out the video for "Dawned on Me" below.