Widdershins Good Songs 1987 - 1989

I suppose it isn’t really a huge shock that an ’80s indie band from down under didn’t really get noticed outside their native Australia, especially considering they didn’t get any more than 20 songs recorded in a studio during their three years together. Yet at a time when many undiscovered bands are finally receiving acclaim, the world might finally be ready for the Widdershins. After the demise of the Lighthouse Keepers in 1986, Greg Appel and Juliet Ward continued to play together and eventually formed the Widdershins. Their earliest singles are very catchy compared to the openly un-commercial Lighthouse Keepers, with lots of jangly guitars and 10,000 Maniacs-like vocals from Ward. It was when they were given a bit more time to play around on their mini-album Bottle Man’s Wife and full-length Ascension that they really came into their own. The complexity of their melodies and a stronger folk influence has stopped their songs from sounding too dated almost 20 years later. Good Songs 1987 - 1989 is almost the perfect title for this compilation — these are all good songs, with a few great ones too. Perhaps it was fate that the band broke up before they were able to sully their reputation because based on this, they really didn’t put a foot wrong. (Under Pressure)