Who Made Who Who Made Who

Munich’s Gomma imprint has spent the better part of this banner year pumping out top-drawer albums by Munk, Hiltmeyer Inc and Leroy Hanghofer, albums that mark their territory between electro and disco. Now comes Who Made Who, an unsuspecting Danish trio from disparate musical backgrounds, whose self-titled debut album may just turn out to be the most fun record of the bunch. They make deceptively simple, organic disco, underpin it with subtle but strong songwriting. It’s all addictive bass lines, cooing falsettos, and fat beats that will either get you dancing or prove once and for all that you’re cold to rhythm. At times, Who Made Who can sound like this year’s amalgamation of some of last year’s most talked about bands. Some of the 15 songs here recall a version of Franz Ferdinand where bassists rule, others offer up a lean Scissor Sisters devoid of glitz and glamour. Normally comparisons like these would not be the greatest claim to launch at a new band, but several things set these guys apart. Firstly, Who Made Who have an undeniable knack for crafting irresistible tunes. Secondly, whereas they sometimes come close to rehashing other bands, they continuously introduce enough new elements to the mix so that they come off sounding like the winning side. But after a few listens, once the critical commentary track falls away and you’re left alone in the seductive hold of this album, the guilty pleasures of Who Made Who could very well turn out to be one of your best kept secrets. Good on Gomma for keeping the bar set high. (Gomma)