Whitney Rose Whitney Rose

Whitney RoseWhitney Rose
It takes about ten seconds of opening track "At The Do-Si-Do" to understand why a buzz around young P.E.I. native Whitney Rose has quickly spread through the T.O. roots scene. Echoing the likes of Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline, Rose's voice instantly takes you back to a golden age of country music. This debut album confirms she has potential as a songwriter too. An A-list of players and backing vocalists includes David Baxter and Bazil Donovan (they co-produced the disc), Michelle Josef, Devin Cuddy, Nichol Robertson, Bob Egan, Kendel Carson, Justin Rutledge, Ted Hawkins, John Borra and Wayne Petti. The underrated Borra wrote the one cover song here ("In The Afternoon") and it's a sexy gem. Fiddle and pedal steel keep things authentic, and Rose moves from ballads to up-tempo numbers with ease. "Chivalry Is Dead" is an infectious, witty romp, while "At Least It Was Raining" showcases her ability to sell a soulful ballad. "Send You Away" is a touch overwrought and long, but those are minor missteps on one highly convincing debut. (Cameron House)