Whitehorse Radio Station Sells Off 3,500 LPs Discovered Under Porch

CJUC volunteer manager Bill Polonsky calls it "the Yukon gold mine of vinyl"
Whitehorse Radio Station Sells Off 3,500 LPs Discovered Under Porch
For vinyl enthusiasts, there's nothing more exciting about the prospect of a hidden stash of records in VG+ condition. That's exactly what happened when 3,500 LPs were discovered under a man's porch in Tagish, Yukon.

As the CBC reports, Rob Hopkins is a software developer who helped launch the CJUC radio station over a decade ago. In the '80s, he ran a store in Whitehorse called Frontier Electronics that specialized in used vinyl. Hoping to make room in his house, Hopkins stashed the records under his porch "for safe keeping." He never touched them since.

Hopkins recently sold his house, so he decided to donate the records to CJUC, who will auction them off this weekend. The radio station's volunteer manager Bill Polonsky called the discovery "the Yukon gold mine of vinyl," adding, "We went out there, and he opened up under his porch for the first time in, god, 30 years."

Hopkins told the CBC that there were certain items he wouldn't give up, including his "super-rare Electric Light Orchestra coloured vinyl, and inflatable E.L.O lightbulb... not a chance."

The records, which include releases from Black Sabbath and the B-52's, will be sold at CJUC's building this Saturday. "This is a fundraiser, so we're looking to make some money off this stuff," Polonsky said. "The prices are going to reflect what we believe people will pay for them.... If someone comes in and they want to buy 100 records, we'll cut 'em a deal, for sure."

In other words, it's not too late to book your trip to the Yukon this weekend.