Leave No Bridge Unburned

WhitehorseLeave No Bridge Unburned
The album cover of Whitehorse's third full-length, Leave No Bridge Unburned, is illustrated like a vintage film poster, colour-blocked and dramatic, portraying two shadowed lovers on the run. It's an easy but apt metaphor for what Whitehorse does; narrative is the centrepiece of all their work thus far. Their latest collection of songs finds performers Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet again in the spotlight as the stars, directors and producers of their own tales and it's easily their most striking and theatrical release yet.

Bolstered by the production of Gus Van Go (the Stills, Hollerado) and Werner F (Whitehorse's first time working with outside producers), Leave No Bridge Unburned is characterized by a more angular sound that punches harder on rhythm sections and frames McClelland and Doucet's blazing harmonies better. "Downtown" and "You Get Older" are Whitehorse's most rocking songs yet, reminiscent of stadium anthems by the Black Keys, but elsewhere, the duo are still leaning towards their more folk-centric origins, especially on the beautiful "Dear Irony" and closing country number "The Walls Have Drunken Ears." With Leave No Bridge Unburned, Whitehorse have clearly arrived at their blockbuster hit; here's hoping there are many more to come from one of Canada's most prolific couples. (Six Shooter)
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