White Spaces Slow Steady

White SpacesSlow Steady
Toronto's White Spaces have delivered a self-assured debut with Slow Steady. Released by the band and recorded in their practice space, the EP showcases a young band experimenting with their style, employing surf guitars, rolling bass and reverb-soaked vocals to beguile listeners.
Opener "Burning Plastic" stands out in particular; the initial riff will stick in your head for days, while the echoing vocals add more melody to the already catchy affair. The outro to "First And Last" is the strongest moment on Slow Steady, as the straining guitar leaves a lasting impression on listeners. While the production quality is scrappy at times, it only adds to the charm here.
Moving forward, tightening up the production and execution of the songs is a must, but White Spaces have laid a strong foundation here; the essentials are all present, and they have plenty of ideas that point the way forward.